World Unlimited

Faith needs reason’s muscle to exercise it.

Exercise strengthens faith; if we would be strong, if we would be holistic, we would inform faith with reason and exercise both. But the hyped faith of ancient religion still elevates itself above the exercise of reason, and is now found wanting in strength. The crisis of the time is religious, intellectual, because faith and reason remain poles apart.

WORD UNLIMITED, Divinely Maternal, is a one of a kind book, the "book-end" to the “Evolution Trilogies” by Sylvester L Steffen

…. blends new physics, neuroscience, biological science, traditional philosophy, evolution theology and cultural Catholicism into a practical, achievable, forward-looking concordance;

…. informs personal ownership-awareness of Divinity Consciousness and the hoped-for global convergence of religion and civility;

.… opens humankind to a future dreamed of from times past by religions and civilizations alike;
…. a cultural/religious harmony — for the professional and general reader alike.

.... makes accessible in-common the Trimorphic Resonant "Method of Evolution" to The Global People, means for common reconciliation.