Green Religion:

Inside the Cultural Spectrum

Sylvester L. Steffen

Prevision and provision are what religious sensitivity and adulthood are about.

Joseph of Egypt exemplifies prevision and provision. As the Eucharistic archetype, he represents the universal priest.

The adult authority figure knows that planning and provisioning are his/ her responsibilities. Anticipating, planning and providing are moral acts—what intelligence and maturity do, what parents, nature, God, do.

Successful living involves intentional symbiosis, intelligent designs and insightful maturity; this is true for individuals, families, communities, institutions, nations, and Churches.

The failing of Church and priesthood to anticipate and provide for the needs of Sacramental Eucharist speaks volumes as to failed intelligence, failed faith and failed maturity.

Religion is organic. Religion is a green apple; it renews seasonally; it takes a lifetime, a season to ripen, to grow from childhood into adulthood, to mindfulness and fullness in wisdom, age and grace.

Religion does not exist outside real-world relationships. Religion is social and personal. Religion is discerned in conscionable concern and in the adult caring of people for each other. Religion is about service, not about imposing on others. Religion is cultured altruistic sensitivity. Green Religion is book three in the Conscious Light Trilogy, a series that teaches about personal religion and adulthood; about nature and light; about living intentionally inside the cultural spectrum and provisioning Eucharist/ Grain.