Sylvester L. Steffen

By the end of my tenth year with the SVD (Second Year Philosophy, 1956) I had come to an enlarged worldview in which I sensed a disconnect between religion and science; I concluded that my life would not be that of an institutional priest. I was now a First Year Theology Student. Professor John Musinsky early informed the Class that each would complete a Paper by February 1957. I wrote on the religion/ science disconnect.

“From 1958-1995 I was in business with my brother Vincent, Representative (Speaker) of the Iowa House. From 1958-1960, I had a joined Botany/ Agricultural Engineering Research Grant to study “The Effects of Drying Method on the Germination of Corn.” My thesis is in the Iowa State University Library, Ames, IA. I graduated with my Master of Science degree in Botany from ISU in May 1960. We developed and sold a system (CHILLCURING) for drying and storing corn grain on farms.

“Some 10 years ago (1999) I received an endorsement from Fr. Musinsky: 'I would like to encourage you in your apostolate. The Church today does not know how to address modern man in such a way that she gets through to him. Modern man is certainly caught up in science and the approach from within his world is indeed promising.' I have distilled my writings under the caption “enlightened evolution” and am publishing them here in The Evolution Trilogies.